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About Us

Since the establishment of Stone Arm in 2011, our professional consultation team has assisted Hong Kong enterprises in applying for various funds from the Hong Kong government. This allows the government’s resources to be used by our clients efficiently, hence benefiting different industries in Hong Kong. We also provide quality project management services in order to assist enterprises to fulfil to the aims of applying for those funds, such that our clients can meet the criteria of the fund application, while continue to developing their businesses.
“True gentlemen earn their money in the just way” is our core philosophy. We aim to help enterprises apply for and manage the funds that they would otherwise fail to do so, to foster the overall development of Hong Kong’s businesses and industries, to improve Hong Kong’s business environment, such that “enterprises and organizations”, “Hong Kong” and “Stone Arm” to can all achieve the win-win situation.
Our vision:
Assist enterprises in using government resources more efficiently, for the betterment of the overall business development in Hong Kong.
Our mission:
To offer objective analysis for enterprises, and suggest suitable government-sponsored fund to them
To help enterprises apply for government subsidized funds, in order to reduce their financial burdens and to foster the development of the industry as a whole
To provide quality project management services to help enterprises, such that they can complete the funded projects successfully